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to take shape. damian trujillo is at the construction site as crews hammer away to get the stadium built before time runs out. >> reporter: the bolting and the welding never sounded better for 49ers' fans. their new stadium is finally beginning to take shape. >> this is a big day in the life of the project, another major milestone. crews working here to get the underground and foundation prepared for this day. >> reporter: only a couple miles away the carillo family is also hearing the music. this is their home and this is the sign in front of it. the cost almost $1.2 million. >> we've had the house on the market for approximately three weeks, and we've had over 100 groups, so that includes families. there's been several people coming through here. >> reporter: his agent says he's not sure if the stadium project has anything to do with it, but he's been selling homes at a
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higher cost in the river mark community, 10% higher than last year, and the outlook is even better. >> in the next two years, being able to actually market the ability -- with the stadium being so close, it will be an increase in prices for houses in the river mark community. >> reporter: the agent has also worked with clients who waited too long. >> i worked with buyers who were looking to get into a unit four or five months ago and didn't make the decision back then. many of them now, that same price range that they had, those same houses are over and above their budget. >> reporter: meaning some prices are now priced out of the area and perhaps more so as the stadium project progresses, a project that's on its way. and that project is creating that buzz in the local real estate community. right now we are standing near the north end zone, and i can already smell the brats. we're live in santa clara,
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damian trujillo. let's take you to colorado where prosecutors did something unusual. jaenls holmes is accused of killing 12 people in an aurora theater. today prosecutors charged him with 24 counts of murder, two for each victim. one count for premeditated murder, the other for extreme indifference to life. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom for today's hearing. what you're seeing is the original hearing. some shooting victims and dozens of family members were there. they say holmes' demeanor was different from his first court appearance. >> when we've seen him before, he looked like he was kind of spaced out or out of touch. he looked very, very alert today and very lucid as to what was going on. >> holmes said just one word out loud in the courtroom today. he answered yes when the judge asked if he wanted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days.
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new tonight at 5:00, oakland police are hoping a photo will help someone identify a suspect in a recent homicide. investigators just released this photo of a wallet they say is similar to the victims. the wallet is very distinctive and has a picture of a 1000 peso note on it. they believe the wallet was stolen by whoever kald raphael garcia last week. so . six flags has ruled out mechanical problems as they try to figure out why their new ride stalled over 100 feet in the air. a dozen riders were on board when the roller coaster suddenly stalled sunday afternoon. the riders stuck nearly 90 minutes before the coaster restarted and it was moved backward. park officials say the problem
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wasn't mechanical but sensors can stop the ride if they detect a problem. >> that's why they're doing diagnostics and testing. there are sensors designed for safety reasons that would have caused a ride to stop as well. is that it? we don't know until we continue to do the testing. >> that was public relations director nancy chan. she says no riders were injured. the ride did remain closed today. park officials will run more tests on it when the park closes tonight. this just in. investigators now say a destructive four alarm fire at pier 29 in san francisco was an accident. they say well ders were attaching a ladder to a wall when a spark ignited the fire last month. the flames did more than $2 million worth of damage to the two-story waterfront building along the embarcadero. the building is vacant but construction workers had been there preparing the building to be part of the next year's america cup sailing race. it was also used as arc pag lot.
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america's cup organizers say the fire will not prevent them from using the facility. let's continue our coverage of the 2012 london games. a live look at the cauldron where the third day of competition has come to an end. from ticket troubles to athletes demanding big changes. a lot of action both on and off the playing field. nbc bay area's phil rogers has the latest. he is live in london where it's just after 1:00 a.m. >> hi, janelle. it was a picture perfect day in london today with a lot of action in the pool and on the courts and even in the press. as as kayakers navigated the treacherous white water slalom course today, officials of the london organizing committee were dealing with rough waters of their own, continuing controversy over empty seats. most apparently were tickets allocated to no-show sponsors and olympic officials and
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athletes. while hundreds of seats are being returned to public use, complaints continue. >> it's infuriating because so many people i know haven't been able to get anything at all. >> reporter: on the positive side, london is getting high marks for moving the millions of people who headed to work on this, the first day of weekday transportation. london transport officials predicted an extra 3 million journeys a day during the games. >> absolute breeze. it's been really easy. in competition michael phelps advanced in his signature event, the 200 meter butter lie. schmidt and franklin advanced in the women's 200 meter freestyle. outside the field of play, sonia richards ross are taking to twitter demanding a change in olympic rules that currently bar athletes from using their own names or likenesses in advertising during the games. >> the majority of track and field athletes don't have sponsors or support to stay in the support. a lot of my peers have second
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and third jobs to be able to do this. >> reporter: but for all of the athletes, the competition in london remains job one. we had a twitter controversy here today. a swiss soccer player eject friday the games for allegedly sending racist tweets. his own coach said he violated the dignity of his south korean opponents. that's the latest from the summer olympic games, phil rogers, nbc bay area news reporting live in london. janelle and jessica, back to you. >> tonight in prime time we'll get a chance to see a san jose native competing in judo tonight. marchi malloy. >> reporter: she is a real shining star. remember one thing. the united states has not won very many medals in women's jude dough, only one and that was in beijing. that was a big surprise in
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beijing and something to celebrate. marti malloy is a big star and something you'll want to watch tonight. >> thanks so much. one of the biggest highlights of the opening ceremony was seeing the queen appear to have sky dived out of a plane. now we're learning more about the stunt double behind that memorable olympic moment. more on that in a couple of minutes. a lot more exclusive olympic content on our new sew "the olympic zone." you'll get a tour of the olympic village, a look of what it's like to ship horses for ek questionsian events and tips on staying safe in the water from michael phelps himself. that's tonight at 7:30 on nbc bay area. a popular bay area ice rink may be put on ice. the owners of bridgeport shopping center have told the ice chalet they don't plan to renew the expiring lease which expires next may. instead spi holdings wants to replace the rink with more
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lucrative stores. you may remember christie yamaguchi trained there for several years before winning gold. >> there's not enough places for kids to be active. not every kid wants to play soccer. while that's a great sport, some kids want to play hockey or figure skate. >> bridgeport shopping owners did not respond to our request for comment. the company is asking the city to change the master plan which calls for them to retain the ice rank or other space. still ahead at 5:00, beware of the nurse. the dangerous hospital infections that could make you sicker. comments that have mitt romney's campaign backtracking. the san jose courtroom battle that could help define
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the future for smart phones. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking all the heat with one of the hottest days in over a week with 96 in livermore and 94 in gilroy. allergies may be aggravated as those increase. we'll talk about if there's anyone 00s in that seven day coming up.
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a federal patent trial got under way in san jose today. several hundred potential jurors filed into a federal courtroom for jury selection. the judge outlined the $2.5 billion trial ahead saying this will be an interesting case. apple is accusing samsung of stealing the design of its iphone and ipad to create competing smart phones and tablets. a patent expert says it's a case that will test the boundaries of patents that cover the look and feel of a product. solyndra has now filed
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chapter 11 reorganization plan. the company made headlines when it declared bankruptcy and abruptly shut down just days before federal agents raided the property seeking evidence of fraud. solyndra was once an energy department darling receiving $500,000 federal loan and personal visit from president barack obama. the new plan will determine what assets creditors will be allowed to go after to recoup their debt. for mitt romney, a new controversy to nye. palestinian leaders are calling romney a racist after comments he made during his visit to israel. romney made the comments while speaking at a $50 per plate fund-raiser. he placed the economic success of israeli verses the poverty of palestinians, culture makes all if difference said romney citing a book on development. palestinian leaders commented that romney failed to mention
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the effects of the israeli occupation. >> look, palestinians and israelis are people equally. such racist statement -- >> a campaign spokeswoman says romney's comments were grossly mischaracterized. today mitt romney is in poland, set to meet tomorrow with the foreign minister and deliver a speech before returning the the u.s. california gamblers one day could have an option to ride a bullet train to sin city. there's a plan to build a high speed bullet train that would start in las vegas and link with california's proposed high speed rail line north of los angeles. the backers hope the obama administration will provide a loan to kick start construction of that $8 billion project. the trip from san francisco to vegas would take four hours. if approved, the vegas train
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would be ten years away from completion. someone out there is sitting on a $52 million lottery ticket. the mega millions ticket matched all six numbers drawn on friday. it was sold at the kwik stop on walnut avenue in fremont. >> this most recent one just blew everyone away, $52 million. with the lottery department and us, we changed someone's life. it's amazing. >> the store will get about $260,000 for selling that winning ticket. the winner has yet to come forward and has 180 days to claim the winnings. >> i hope we know them. that's all i'm saying. is it you, jeff ranieri? >> i wish i could get them right. that would be sweet if our wetter computers could predict that. no, it is not me. the marine layer is diminishing
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minute by minute against the san francisco coastline. that's a sign of the warming trend currently building into place with some of the eastbound communities close to 100 degrees. we have 96 in livermore, 85 in san jose and a big jump down in gilroy with warming winds bumping you up to 94 at this hour. let's take you to the live hd sky camera. we have some haze, a lot of this fog as we just showed you on the satellite loop is getting compressed out and cleared out as we are looking at even hotter weather coming our way this week. speaking of heat, yes, a lot of it coming from the olympic called ron. a live look at the stadium, 922 torch bearers carried that flame around seven days prior to the lighting at the opening ceremony as it visited over 1,000 different communities. gorgeous. let's bring you back into the weather picture here for the bay area. what we're finding is this huge region of high pressure sitting in the pacific, it will stay parked here over the next two to three days. each and every day we'll see
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that keep our numbers a little warmer. not crazy hot up against the coastline. we'll stay with a mix of 60s and 70s. for the interior valleys, we'll get in to 80s to upper 90s, close to a few 100-degree readings. expect it in the next three-day period. 53 in santa rosa, 57 in concord. the jacket in the morning hours. by the afternoon you can get rid of the jacket. hopefully have shorts. you'll need them in the south bay, especially with morgan hill at 94. 96 in gail roy. a lot of water and frequent breaks if you work outside. this will be the hottest location. we have low to mid 90s for the air temperature. if you're out in the sun for more than three to four hours, that will feel like 100 for a lot of you. 72 in san francisco and close to 80 in oakland. 75 in berkeley. 90 in sonoma. all about the olympics on nbc.
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we're highlighting the venue for tomorrow. it is sailing. we'll have a few showers, temperatures cooler, so not as hot as it was last week. it looks like the trend of on and off showers will stay put. a chance for showers on thursday and also another chance on friday. those sailors used to having to boat it in all kinds of weather. it day buys in 1900 olympics, 237 competitors will be men this year. 143 women. three of those account for people from the bay area. one will be page riley from san francisco who will be competing over the next couple days. let's go for the gold. three-day forecast says temperatures in the mid 90s and then what we'll find is gradually our conditions will be cooling off. it's not going to get below average by saturday and sunday, we can expect low 90s, it will stay hot even into monday of next week. so as raj is over in london, it
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seems like he'll be enjoying more of the classic bay area weather. we're baking the next couple days. they just couldn't wait. still to come at 5:00, two highways, two kids, one unbelievable story for an expectant mom. what does it take to stand in for a world leader? a stunt double shares what it was like to be britain's queen for a few hours. if you're one of those who don't want to miss any action, don't worry. we're here to hell. here is loren scott showing how you can see the dramatic photos. >> we're several days into the 2012 olympics and already we've seen these collective memories shared around the olympics, the photography capturing the summer games, certainly a large part of how we remember these events that bring us thrilling moments and in some cases can be part of history. we've got a way you can browse the images of the games in london. it all starts by visiting our
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website, on the home page, scroll down to the first subsection, london 2012 and click on dramatic photos, the london 2012 olympic games. then you'll be able to click around the slideshow with some of the best images being captured at the games which is updated continually. please do take a look. with this look at what's online and our coverage of the 2012 london olympics, i'm loren scott. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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in "health mat terts" a new study worns burnt-out nurses could lead to increase in infections in hospital patients. the study was done by the university of pennsylvania. it found out for every patient added to a nurse's workload, one of every thousand will get an infection while in the hospital. assigning more work to a nurse also rurlted in an increase in urinary tract infections and postsurgery infections for patients. the study also says more than a third of nurses surveyed reported high levels of
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job-related burnout and overworked nurses are more likely to not follow infection control practices. the queen of england may have a new title thanks to her opening olympic ceremony stunt. she's a bond girl you know. many say queen elizabeth stole the show when she appeared to jump from a helicopter over olympic stadium. we all know it wasn't her. who was that mask queen. it's actually stunt man gary conry dressed in a sparkly pink dress, white wig and makeup. he was on the "today" show this morning talking about why he was chose en. >> why didn't they get a female sky diver? that's what i was wondering? >> good question. i think they like my legs. i have queen-style legs. >> is that a compliment? i'm not sure. conry, which is no relation to the original james bond, sean connery, is no stranger to big jumps. earlier this year he became the first sky diver to land safely without using a parachute. >> i need more explanation on that exactly. not sure how he did that.
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we'll be right back with a double freeway birth. stay with us.
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amazing story out of new york, a pair of twins born along two separate freeways. the ander sorn twins couldn't wait for dad to drive them to the hospital so they were delivered on the side of the road. rescue crews delivered one with mom on a stretcher. they pulled over on the freeway to deliver baby two on the ambulance. both babies and mom are doing just fine. >> the ones not doing fine are the rescue crews. they deserve a drink. >> very successful, both babies are healthy. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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on our broadcast tonight from london murder charges against that suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre. later they will decide if he's sane. the death penalty is a possibility. mitt romney now in poland but it's what he said about israel that followed him there. and here at the olympics when a woman starts swimming faster times than ryan lochte, people start asking questions. well, she is and they are. plus, up close and personal with ryan lochte. tonight he shows us what it took to get here. "nightly news" from london to get here. "nightly news" from london begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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